Wounded Warrior Project and Equine Therapy

“Wounded Warrior Project” and equine therapy?

Seems to be a very popular question nowadays and most understand the physical help for balance and strength, but what equine therapy has to offer for the emotional side would take more than a blog to explain.

So many veterans suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and are returningĀ  home socially handicapped. Some have anger issues unlike our ordinary frustration moments that are common to life. Some have uncontrollable fears, night mares, distractions and all other over active emotions that are easily triggered and compounded from wartime trauma.

Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy deals with these emotions in a safe and real interaction of horse and victim. The magic is in that of the internal healing going on why the experience itself rewards success with no prejudice from the clinician (horse). We watch as anger becomes patience, confusion becomes clarity, fear becomes confidence and Love happens.

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