EAGALA National Convention Las Vegas

Headed to the EAGALA National convention Las Vegas. Can hardly wait to check out the latest information and evidence based info EAGALA always seems to present at the convention. Looks like more PTSD info coming together and time to exchange ideas as we put together programs  that will help so many soldiers and families. Hope […]

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AT Risk Teens

Dear Johnny, “I’m going to miss you and you really helped me through this phase of my life. My first thought was that this horse therapy is really stupid but now I know how much this helped me. I know I will never for get you and hope I can return one day as an […]

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Why Idaho Horse Therapy

” Our accomplishments are hugely important, and they are gratifying only if we understand that it’s not the “thing” itself that is gratifying , but who we became in the process to acquire or achieve it.” James Ray We can make a difference ! Johnny U

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National EAGALA Conference

We are having a fantastic experience at the EAGALA convention in Layton Utah. I have shared with the industry folks the kick off of our Womens Empowerment Ranch Retreat for young ladies from 18 to 30 yr.  The reception was great and we are filling the instructor and teacher spots with exceptional people with rare […]

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Behavioral Issues in Kids

Always cause your horse to follow the path of least resistance. Then place an opening for him to pass through so that the path of least resistance becomes the direction you want him to go in .  Marty Roberts I use this rational when working with young people with the idea that living in the DOD […]

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Family Group Therapy in the Magic Valley

Seems we are getting more inquires about helping  family relations and communication by Equine Therapy. Idaho Horse Therapy is making that possible in the Boise and Central Idaho area as well as Twin Falls and South Central Idaho.   We as parents should know that it takes a firm and well directed leader to be respected.  Those […]

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Wounded Warrior Project and Equine Therapy

“Wounded Warrior Project” and equine therapy? Seems to be a very popular question nowadays and most understand the physical help for balance and strength, but what equine therapy has to offer for the emotional side would take more than a blog to explain. So many veterans suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and are […]

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Not Autism

Okay our mental health professional claims she is not autistic but maybe some level of asperger’s and maybe PTSD is more likely. A selective mute is the characteristic that troubles her mother and I wonder if that is what motivates the young lady (that it troubles her mother). Seems we all find power in some sort of […]

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V.A. Medical Center Session in Boise

We are very pleased with the reception and understanding of the EAP model represented by IHT from the staff members of the Boise V.A. Medical Center. It is always an encouraging session with Veterans at any level. It was interesting to have veterans from Vietnam era to present day Middle East. Thanks for allowing us […]

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Therapy Horses

Used mini horses last session  good response from insecure young ladies progress

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