Photo © Jason LugoIdaho Horse Therapy is proud to work with a wide variety of consultants and experts in various fields.  On staff, our Equine Specialists (ES’s) are experts in the field of equine behaviors and reactions. We host sessions with the client (or clients, in the case of group therapy), a horse, and a Mental Health Expert (MHE–professional in the field of mental health with at least a Master’s Degree) . The Equine Specialist  facilitates activities in order to obtain reactions from clients and horses alike, often specially tailored to any issues or dysfunctions the client may be dealing with.  The MHE’s and ES’s work together in dialogue with the client to identify strengths, weaknesses and assess progress.  Because horses will always react honestly, they are perfectly suited to bring about major metaphorical learning.

Idaho Horse Therapy works closely with the MHE’s to determine the number, duration, and frequency of sessions a client will attend. IHT is flexible in scheduling and location, able to accommodate clients all over the Magic Valley.

Veteran’s Services:

IHT has chosen to focus on returning military with a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Equine assisted therapy sessions are conducted with a mental health specialist in attendance for interpretation of actions and reactions with the horses.  Family sessions have proven to be very effective in helping soldiers return to a much healthier family life with less anger and abuse.

While IHT staff have worked with veterans in individual sessions over the last five years, we are currently working on a more intensive program, which would allow us to impact a larger portion of this important and under-served demographic.

Youth Programs:

IHT works with troubled youth in solutions-based Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) sessions, either individually, or with parents or a group of peers.  Interactions with the horses often bring out the truest forms of ourselves, and dysfunctional actions and responses that we are often unaware of, are quickly made clear.  Through our sessions, we help to teach children how better to cope.

Horses are also a very valuable tool in dealing with substance abuse issues.

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