Family Group Therapy in the Magic Valley

Seems we are getting more inquires about helping  family relations and communication by Equine Therapy. Idaho Horse Therapy is making that possible in the Boise and Central Idaho area as well as Twin Falls and South Central Idaho.

  We as parents should know that it takes a firm and well directed leader to be respected.  Those are fairly  easy skills to learn and practice when introduced to equine assisted learning. Can we expect a child to take us serious when we give them a directive with consequences but drop the consequences before they accomplish the task?  I see that time after time during equine sessions when a client is asking the clinician(horse) to back up and then take the pressure off before the horse responds correctly to the direction. He (the horse) thinks “ah haw” if I hold out long enough they will give up and I don’t have to do it. I don’t think I have had a parent in  an equine session that hasn’t seen the parallel of this exercise and their ability to lead as a parent.

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